Love, Passion and

The Art of Movement

Fluid Dance is a boutique dance convention and competition, focusing on empowering and inspiring dancers nationwide.

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Fluid Dance events are like none other on the market! Our Conventions are inspiring, rewarding, and filled with so much passion and love. We aim to grow and develop each dancer, while giving a personalized event where EVERY dancer is noticed and celebrated. We offer the widest assortment of classes, allowing for exploration within a variety of genres. Our staff and faculty come from diverse backgrounds, all with highly regarded experience and vast credentials.

Our Competitions have been recognized as the most unique, fun and empowering dance event! With our nationally acclaimed judges giving 'on the spot' feedback, it allows performers the immediate opportunity to expand on their performance and improve technique. Check out our upcoming tour details and register to experience Fluid in a city near you!


Dance Conventions and Competitions can be quite overwhelming, and in the middle of hundreds of dancers, many get 'lost in the shuffle.' We believe in turning focus from our amazing faculty and putting the attention on the dancer! Each one of our faculty and staff members make a point to connect with all the Fluid dancers. It is our goal to have everyone leave feeling confident, driven and inspired! 

We believe dance competitions should be focused on continued technical and performance growth. We are the only event to offer live comments and constructive feedback after each and every routine. This takes each performance to new heights!


Fluid Dance Conventions, Inc. was established in 2006, with the dream and passion of our Founder and CEO, Sarah M. Verville, to supply personalized, high-quality dance instruction to students throughout the nation. Sarah not only danced professionally after college, but has a highly regarded and accomplished background within business; she used her extensive training, research and experience to launch this beautiful concept. From the minute you arrive at a Fluid Dance event, you will feel welcomed and a true part of the weekend. Each ballroom level will have room for ALL dancers to actually dance and move throughout the space. This is where the 'boutique' concept comes into play, as Fluid events are not over-crowded, nor overwhelming. All faculty and staff members are warm and approachable - students are able, and encouraged, to speak freely with our highly regarded instructors and staff at any time throughout the weekend; whether looking for advice, tips or career opportunities within the business. We truly care about each and every dancer at our events and strive for the experience to be positive and uplifting. Hard work, perseverance and lots of passion will always equate to success, and we work to instill this determination in all attending dancers. Fluid Dance is an unforgettable experience!

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“Whatever your life journey may entail, be sure to do it with 100% passion, heart and integrity”

- Sarah M. Verville, Founder & CEO

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