An Elite Group of select dancers across the country, traveling with us throughout each Tour Season.

Fluid Force Assistant Program

This is an honorable and coveted program, giving the dancers not only an amazing opportunity to train with and assist the Fluid Faculty, but to gain professional skills and work ethic.

2019 Fluid Force Team

Details of Assistant Program:

  • Assistant travels with the entire Fluid Dance Faculty and Team throughout tour season; committing to a minimum of four (4) city stop locations.

  • Fluid Dance will appropriately pair up, arrange and pay for hotel room stay throughout duration of Fluid Dance event weekend, a two (2) night stay.

  • Outside of assisting the Faculty, Force Dancers will assist backstage manager during Competition and ad-hoc projects throughout event weekend.

  • And, of course, amazing Fluid Force Swag will be received!

How to apply:

1. Must attend and participate in Fluid Dance Convention classes within one of the 2019 city stops.

2. Must fill out Fluid Force Application form on-site. Forms are available at event registration table. 

3. Dancer must be at least 15 years of age at time of application.

Check back as we announce our

2020 FORCE Team this summer!!