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Boutique Convention and Competition, focusing on empowering and inspiring dancers nationwide.

2020 TOUR SEASON 1.png
2020 TOUR SEASON.png
2020 TOUR SEASON 1.png

"Speaking from a parent's perspective, this is my favorite competition! Judges are fair and give positive and truly constructive critiques-the dancers get immediate feedback while they still remember their performance. The judges/teachers seem to truly appreciate artistry and talent and aren't just rewarding costumes and rhinestones."

— Julie Curry, Parent

"We love FLUID!!! The live feedback they provide the dancers is such a great life lesson. They always remember the dancers and point out ways that they have grown from previous years."

— Steps Dance School

“All of our parents, students and teachers agree that Fluid is by far the best convention/competition on the dance circuit. The "on the spot" feedback at competition is done constructively and our dancers leave with tools that advance their performance skills and improve their technique. The convention is fun and empowering and the Fluid staff make all studio's, big and small, feel welcome.”

— Mayama Movement Studio