What studios across the country are saying about FLUID

I cannot begin to describe what a wonderful weekend we had at Fluid! A few things that I LOVED about Fluid that you don't find at any other convention these days:

  1. The live feedback. It was nice to see other great dances getting both positive and negative feedback...proving everyone has something to work on!

  2. The FORCE Assistants were mature (almost) adults!

  3. The teachers didn't just teach combo after combo, they taught dance and also inspired the kids with the things they said to them, and not just boring them with lectures.

  4. Though the Junior space was big you immediately moved things around to make the space more workable.

  5. Sarah, you are the leader of your event rather that being completely absent or unapproachable.

  6. Fluid staff responds to emails immediately!

  7. The rebate program is great!

  8. Every single studio that was drawn to your event was pleasant and made it a great experience.

  9. I love how you don't give out a million scholarships because that is not how the real world works!

  10. Your event and your staff are not about the glitz and the glamour, you are about teaching DANCE!

Live Love Dance | Broomfield, Colorado

We just attended the Seattle Fluid competition and convention. Our only regret is we didn't bring our whole team. We had a wonderful time. We received great feedback from judges and appreciate the warm and friendly atmosphere. It was refreshing for our kids to experience an event focused on making them better, but with support and praise provided! Wonderful event! Thanks Fluid for a great weekend.

The Dance Academy | Puyallup, Washington

Minneapolis Event Review. Fluid is a terrific convention from their teachers to their organization they excel in all fronts. As a studio owner I take great care in where I take my business to ensure the events and competitions are in line with my studio. Fluid is crystal clear in their communication, events are run smoothly, professionally, and of course they are fun! My dancers could not believe how much fun they were having! This is in large part to the incredible staff Fluid has on hand. The teachers are fun, challenging, and provide great feedback that my students can truly grow from. We tried the competition this year for a few soloists looking to get a practice run. The competition featured live feedback. WE LOVED IT. The staff gave great feedback, was unafraid to give constructive criticism but still kept it positive and uplifting for the dancer. Four years in a row and myself, my dancers, and dance moms have all been VERY IMPRESSED with FLUID and would highly recommend it.

Northstar Dance Company | Jordan, Minnesota

Fluid is an event that really cares about the kids and their growth within the performing arts. All of the directors, teachers and assistants are approachable, organized and professional. Fluid Competition embraced all levels of dancers and the onstage critiques are spot on, sharing advice for technical and performance development often reaffirming the points of study within the studio. They also offer advice for teachers concerning ideas on costuming and choreography. 
The convention offers a wide array of styles, our favorite being the opportunity to act, in classrooms that are positive, educational and not overcrowded. To quote one of our young dancers "After getting to know the judges during the convention I felt like they were more like mentors than judges when they reviewed our dances on stage. I felt like I listened more closely to them as I had more respect for them. I especially liked that they gave us nicknames. It felt more personal". We look forward to next year.

The Loft Dance Theater Arts | Reno, Nevada

Thank you so much for such a fun-filled educational experience this weekend. Students, parents and teachers alike were all impressed with your competition model and faculty. We search high and low for competition and convention experiences that aline with our mission and we are so grateful to have Fluid.

Mayama Movement Studio | Lyons, Colorado

LOVE this convention! Not just teaching combo after combo. Teaching passion and helping dancers grow by empowering them with correction and love. My favorite ever!!!!

Eatonville Dance Studio | Eatonville, Washington

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this event!

Classic Dance Academy | Centennial, Colorado

THANK YOU so much for coming to Phoenix and for making it such an amazing and inspiring environment for our dancers. It was truly an unforgettable experience.  We were drawn to give your competition and convention a try because it was all about your philosophy.  It was a breath of fresh air to have that direct contact with the teachers and the learning environment you created really inspired our dancers (and us!!).  The teachers were all so dedicated to the dancers experience.  We really appreciated that!

Jeanne's East Mesa | Mesa, Arizona

Thank you for another wonderful year at Fluid in Omaha! The dancers had a great time with the amazing teachers again this year!

Motion41 Dance | Omaha, Nebraska