Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for an event?

1. Go to the 'Tour Schedule' tab and click on the city page you would like to attend. Here you will find all detailed information regarding the event.

2. Please click 'Register' and you will be directed to our registration hub.



Please create a studio account within our 'Registration Portal' to view all price breakouts for Convention and Competition.  


What is the layout of the FLuid COmpetition?

The Competition is such an amazing experience at Fluid, no other event can compare!! Three (3) judges are present in every city, and upon completion of each routine, the performers will receive live feedback from each judge. Awards are given for each performing routine, based on judge feedback, plus many overall and additional awards. Being able to receive instantaneous feedback allows the dancer(s) to truly absorb and apply to their performance.


What are the age and division breakouts for the convention and competition?

You can find all details under the 'INFO' tab: 'convention' and/or 'competition'


Do you have special discounts if our studio brings a large amount of dancers?

Yes, we have amazing deals and discounts for all studios attending the Convention and Competition!

  1. Bring 10-19 Students | ONE Teacher attends FREE
  2. Bring 20-34 Students | TWO Teachers attend FREE

  3. Bring 35-47 Students | THREE Teachers attend FREE

  4. Bring 48-59 Students | FOUR Teachers & ONE Senior Student attend FREE

  5. Bring 60-plus Students | FOUR Teachers, ONE Senior Student & TWO Hotel Room Nights FREE

** Contact our office for your special coupon code when registering online.

What Types of classes are offered at the Conventions?

We offer a very large assortment of dance classes for all three age levels: Hip Hop, Tap, Contemporary, Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Broadway Tap, Strength & Stretch, Musical Theatre, Technique Classes, Performance Classes, Street Jazz, Choreography Classes, Mind Body Soul, Floor Work, Yoga, Auditions and MORE!


Which faculty members will be in each tour stop?

We will always have five-six (5-6) faculty members within each city stop, all of which are on staff with Fluid. The schedule will be posted seven (7) days prior to event weekend, with all faculty and staff members listed.

Is there a sample schedule for the convention weekend?

Each city schedule will be available seven (7) days prior to event - please visit the city page to download.


I loved the music at the convention, can I have a playlist?

The playlist of songs used throughout the weekend will be available three (3) days after event, on the city page.


Can I have more event information for the studio?

Yes! Please email us with your mailing address and a promotional packet will be sent ASAP.


How do you qualify for nationals?

All Platinum, High Gold, Gold and Silver award winners at a FLUID Regional event will automatically qualify for entry into Nationals. Bronze award winners are able to compete at Nationals, only for critiques (not awards.)


Are there special discounts for nationals?

YES! We have amazing discounts and a special studio rebate program for Nationals. Click here to see the breakout:

Which faculty members will be present for nationals?

ALL Fluid Faculty will be present at Nationals! The entire Fluid faculty and staff you love at Regionals will be teaching, judging and supporting all dancers throughout the entire Nationals event.